Passion, Plan, Profit

Twelve Simple Steps to Convert Your Passion into a Solid Business

“This is a great primer for people who are doing work they love, but don’t feel confident about the “business” side of business. Read it and do the exercises. Your business, your customers and your bank account will thank you.”

–Jim Horan, Author of The One Page Business Plan

My First Book

Do You:

  • Excel at what you do, but can’t figure out how to earn your living doing it?
  • Get intimidated by the business of business and numbers?
  • Feel like you’re too “right-brained” to be in business for yourself?
  • Think that writing a business plan can only be done by people with MBAs or business training?
  • Limp along in your business, knowing you could do better, but not knowing what to do?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Passion, Plan, Profit: 12 Simple Steps to Convert Your Passion into a Solid Business was written for you.

There is a perception out there that you’re either born with a head for business – or you’re not. A misunderstanding that the business side of business is boring at best, and will rob you of your creativity and even your morals, at worst.

“These attitudes keep people who are passionate about their work from making a real living at it,” says author Christy Strauch.  Passion, Plan, Profit is a primer; a way for people who love their work to learn about and then employ the business skills they need to succeed.

Far from a boring, tedious textbook of business concepts; the book takes the reader step-by-step through the process of understanding their purpose in having a business; finding the perfect clients; marketing and selling to those clients; and understanding income and expense numbers, so they can comprehend what it takes to create a profitable business that will sustain them.

“I wrote this book for people who have a great passion for their work, but can’t seem to make the business side of things work as well as they want and need them to,” says Christy Strauch. “No one is ‘too creative’ to make money doing the work they love.”

Many people have nurtured the dream of creating their own businesses; but are daunted by where to start. Passion, Plan, Profit can show you how to get going, and guide you thorough the process of building a business that feeds your soul and lets you support yourself, doing the work you were meant to do. If you’re ready to take this leap, pick up a copy of Passion, Plan, Profit: 12 Simple Steps to Convert Your Passion into a Solid Business and get started.

Passion, Plan, Profit will help anyone contemplating a start-up company gain the clarity, perspective and blue-print for their success. Applicable to products and services alike, this is a MUST READ (and DO) pre-requisite for success.” Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt,

I highly recommend the practical and business transformational book Passion, Plan, Profit: 12 Simple Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Solid Business by Christy Strauch, to anyone who seeks to turn a passion into a successful company. This book describes how to clarify your vision and to utilize accountable business practices to make those dreams a reality. Christy Strauch emphasizes that business owners must follow their passion, as one can only b e truly happy and true themselves by doing what they love most.” Wayne Hurlbert, read the whole review.

The I Hate to Market Book

Coming Fall 2010

Download the Marketing Assessment Tool, an excerpt from I Hate to Market.

How to Figure Out Who Your Perfect Clients Are, and Where to Find the Information (note-this document will only be up for 30 days, so take advantage of it now. It is from my next book,You Hate to Market, and What to do About It.)

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“You hate to market.

Admit it.  Marketing means cold calling, trying to trick some angry receptionist who’s already gotten ten other phone calls just like yours before 9:32 this morning, to let you talk to the boss.  Who probably hates getting cold calls as much as you hate making them.  You’d quit except that you promised your leads group or your coach that you’d do ten calls a day or ten an hour between now and your next meeting with them.  You have to keep your word, no matter how painful it is, or how useless it seems to make these calls.

Marketing means shameless self-promotion.  Look at me!  I’m the best!  My prices are great!  I rock!  Knowing all the while that your mother would be ashamed of you now—all that self-promotion when she spent so many years trying to teach you humility.

Marketing means pain.  It means creating an incredibly complex plan to do things you don’t totally understand.  It doesn’t count if you just tell someone what you do while you’re standing in line at Starbucks.  Your marketing has to be big, time-consuming and difficult for it to count as real marketing.

Marketing means failure.  You sent out 100 letters to prospective clients and not one person called you.  And it cost almost $3.00 per letter, counting the writer you hired, and the postage.  Why would you throw money away like that again, when marketing clearly doesn’t produce results?

Marketing means taking time away from doing what you love—your work.  Why should you market when it’s boring, scary or humiliating; it doesn’t work and it eats time you’d rather be spending being a chiropractor, landscaper or driving your long-haul truck? [pick work that your readers are likely to do]

Why indeed?  That’s the purpose of this book.  First, to tell you about the many ways you can market your business.  Second, to help you pick marketing activities that work for your business and your personality.  Third, and most revolutionary of all, is to help you find marketing activities that you actually enjoy. [Bump this paragraph up.]

Yes.  It is possible to enjoy marketing.  I will show you how.”