The Power of Coaching

I remember exactly how it feels to want to make a living doing work I love – and to not know how to make it happen. I became quite skilled at doing my job, but for many years I was completely unskilled at turning my passion into profit.

Popular wisdom says “do what you love, and the money will follow.”  Unfortunately, as the song says, that ain’t necessarily so.  No matter how determined you are to reach your dream, not understanding the business side of your business can virtually guarantee that you will fail to create a prosperous company that can support you.

I began my coaching company, Clarity to Business, to provide passionate small-business owners the missing pieces they needed to succeed financially at the work they love.

When you hire me as a coach you get someone to be accountable to. You also get a combination of cheerleader, nudger, truth-teller, and business expert all rolled into one.  Hiring me is a commitment to living your purpose on the planet, to doing the work you were meant to do and to prosper doing it.  The coaching I offer will help you to clarify:

  • Who your best customers are and how to talk to them
  • How you and your business are significantly different from your competition
  • Your most important values and your overall mission
  • Your vision for what your business will look like in one and three years
  • Your specific, measurable and reasonable goals, both short- and long-term
  • What the numbers in your business really mean and how to respond to them appropriately
  • How to market to your most profitable and fun clients

Achieving this clarity will allow you to develop a business plan that will guide you in running your business through the next twelve months and beyond. These tools will empower you to build a strong support structure for your business and arm you to achieve your goals.

I believe that succeeding in business is not a mysterious skill bestowed upon a chosen few, but a goal within reach of any committed and creative person. If you’re ready to take the leap and turn your passion into profit, I can show you how.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, email or call 602-561-8499.


“Working with Christy has given me the clarity, focus, and accountability to keep working on my vision. Each time I get discouraged or overwhelmed I can count on Christy to help me see the next action step.  She has allowed me to trust that all things are possible. Maybe not immediately, but with perseverance and passion the best things do come.”

Kimberly Rattley, CEO
Creative Synergy Solutions

“Christy’s coaching has given me the confidence to embrace all that I have to offer and turn it into a viable business.  I trust her and feel completely heard. Coaching makes me take myself and my worth more seriously, gives me a structure with action steps so things will happen, and accountable to someone I deeply respect.  Most of all, with Christy, I’m learning to market myself with personal integrity. Christy’s sense of humor, delight in living, and optimism are contagious!  She’s the best!”

Jennifer Waldron, Ph.D.

“Working with Christy keeps my vision for a full life and a successful business on the fast track.  I highly recommend her to anyone!”

Frank Abdale
Abdale Consulting

“Coaching is a regular kick in the butt, a good stiff reminder that what I want to do with my life is right here in front of me to do. Period.”

Lee Doyle

“Coaching with Christy has given me more clarity about the nature of my business and its products and services. I now have a plan, and the accountability and support is available when I need it.  This has enabled me to better explain and share my work with others.  I have more insight into myself and, as a result, I have stopped chastising myself for not being able to market and network the way I’m ‘supposed’ to. Instead, I network and talk about my business in a way that is most comfortable for me.”

Pat Honiotes, M.S.
Healing Energies, Inc.

“Christy and Clarity to Business have been a wonderful resource.   Christy has helped me through things I didn’t know how to do for my business, as well as simply helped me to get done the things I KNEW I needed to do!”

Fred Hepperle
HepCats Technology

“Christy’s business is appropriately named!  Working with her has brought clarity to my business.  Most often, we meet by telephone.  As I talk about my goals, she asks clarifying questions and takes notes.  After we have talked, she sends me an email which lists all of the actions that I have agreed to take, along with a target completion date.  One of the most helpful skills she has is in looking at the numbers.  This includes planning for the year, down to mapping out the numbers for the smallest event.  She does all of this with great compassion and humor.  I highly recommend her.”

Sherrin Loyd
Vocal Ease Communications

“Christy was my professional coach leading up to and following my retirement from a job I loved but that had begun to suck the life out of me.  I knew it was time to leave, but the preparing to leave and situate myself for ‘what next’ was daunting beyond belief.  Christy had an uncanny ability to be present to exactly where I was in any given session, mentally and emotionally, to ask a crucial question, and to give me the deftly skilled support I needed to explore and find my own answers.  I appreciate how she combines her assets as a left-brained business owner with life wisdom and compassion for the individual.

Gerry Fathauer

“Christy Strauch has been a dedicated partner in the building of my business and success these past 6 months. She is focused, compassionate and herbusiness name accurately depicts what she brings to my business-clarity! Since our work together my business offerings have expanded, my marketing presence increased and unprecedented business opportunities have shown up. She is a true professional, a consummate coach and a pleasure to work with.

As someone who has worked with several business coaches in the last 2 decades, Christy stands at the top of my list!”

Rita Hovakimian
Inspiring Success

Working with Christy has taught me practical skills that I never learned during my two years at Harvard Business School. I find that working with her on “The Numbers” – putting my expected sales plan together piece by piece-  has been the most important factor in my achieving them. And she has always had better visions for me than I have had for myself.

Maria Robinson, Investment Advisor
GBS Financial
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