Have Your Beliefs Caught Up With Your Reality Yet?


“I’m just not honest,” a friend said to me last week when he called to out himself about a lie he told.


“Then why did you call to turn yourself in on this thing you did? You could have easily not told me, or anyone else.”

Doesn’t Reporting Your Dishonesty Put You On The Road to Honesty?

It seemed like it to me. Perhaps my friend isn’t yet perfectly honest, but he’s at least on the path toward it.

Do Your Beliefs Lag Behind Your Experience?

The point of this story is to illustrate something I’ve observed in myself–that my beliefs lag behind my recent experience (and in some cases, completely ignore my recent experience, if it contradicts the beliefs).

Now that I’ve observed this in myself, I notice it in a lot of other people, too. Like my friend, convinced of his fundamental dishonesty, even in the face of evidence that he was (at least beginning to) behave differently.

How Does This Relate To Business?

Look around at your beliefs about money, or succeeding in your business, for starters. Do your beliefs match your current circumstances? Are you willing to pursue different experiences to create new beliefs? And more importantly, do you even realize that you can change your beliefs by pursuing different experiences and seeing if you get new results?

I would like to know about your own experiences with your beliefs. Which ones feel Totally True? What do you do when you stumble on one that doesn’t serve you anymore?

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