Is It Time To Panic?

I always read through two newspapers while I eat breakfast. This, according to my friend Jane, isn’t good for your digestion; but I’d sorely miss them if I had to quit.

Except last Monday. And, come to think about it, the rest of the week, too.

Bad News

There has been a lot more bad news this past week. Setting aside the conflicts in the Middle East, the political and economic news in the US seems pretty grim all by itself.

My First Reaction

Being the slightly-fearful type, my first reaction to this much perceived bad news is always to flip into “what if” mode. What if there’s a double-dip recession? What if my business tanks? Worse, what if my clients’ businesses all tank?

I’m getting an unpleasant adrenaline rush as I write this.

The Antidote

Stay where my feet are. And my feet are in Monday afternoon, August 15th, 2011. Where not much, at least work-wise, has changed since August 8th, 2011. In fact, the one thing that has changed is GOOD: I’m holding a hard-copy proof of my new book. It thrills me to hold the final product of 3,000 hours of work in my hands.

Despite the news, good or bad, I still need to work on my new website, get press releases ready to send out when the book hits Amazon in the next couple of weeks. I still need to go to the gym, eat, get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Nothing Has Changed

My world hasn’t changed at all, except that the bad news gives me something to write and think about this afternoon.

Someone famous said: worry doesn’t rob tomorrow of its pain, it robs today of its joy.

So I’m going to work on my website, coach my clients, and post this little essay. I’m going to hang on to the joy that the day has brought with it, and defend that joy from the imaginary fear that I can manufacture, by worrying about stuff I can’t control.

In fact, I think this business of worrying about things I can’t control is a form of Resistance. It distracts me from doing something about the things I can control.

How about you? What’s your antidote to fear?



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