My Own Private Island

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal ran an article about very wealthy people buying remote islands.

My First Thoughts

Negative. Who do they think they are? How extravagant can you get? $15 million (and up) for an island? How about spending that money to cure cancer, or to do something more worthy?

My Beliefs Are Showing

Here they are:

1. That money could be better spent another way.

2. People who buy islands are selfish and extravagant and have been corrupted by their money (sorry Tim McGraw and Faith Hill).

Why Beliefs Are Tricky

We create them based on events that have actually happened to us; things we’ve seen, experienced, read, heard, or were taught. That’s why they seem so Right.

It doesn’t mean they are right, though. If you grew up with siblings, you already experienced the phenomenon of your brother or sister interpreting the same event completely differently from you. My beliefs about these private islands are based on things I was taught and experienced, but that doesn’t make them right.

Is It Just As Possible That:

1. People who buy islands are hounded by fans and paparazzi day and night, and can’t get any peace or privacy or personal space any other way ?

2. Or…people who buy islands are people?

What do you think? Are you starting to see your own beliefs more clearly?

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