Take The Friday Marketing Challenge

Learn From Your Competitors

Survey the marketing done by four of your savviest competitors. Go to their websites. Then answer these questions:

1. How are they marketing themselves on the web? Is there a sign-up box for an email newsletter? (If there is, sign up). Do they blog? Read some of the posts. Are they on Twitter, LinkedIn, or some other social networking site? Check out their profiles in each place.

2.  Now, compare your competitors’ marketing with yours. Are they doing something you should be doing? Is their marketing congruent with their business? Are they doing anything you shouldn’t do?

3. Take action. If you come up with a long list based on what you discovered in  #2, resist paralysis and overwhelm. Take one thing off the list and implement it.

Better yet, try this one thing for a few months and measure the results. Then, try the next thing. One or two marketing efforts done well and consistently always trump five things done haphazardly.

What did you discover? Comment below.

PS- I think this might be hard to do, so I’m going to do it myself and comment on my findings.

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